Weekend Seminars: Further Training "German / German for Specific Purposes"

For experts and executives HSF offers weekend seminars "Further Training: General German / German for Specific Purposes".

Our weekend seminars are suitable for an intensive introduction to the German language, for a reactivation, consolidation and expansion of existing skills, for the training of specific linguistic skills as well as for the training of intercultural communication, rhetoric, and negotiation strategies.

The seminars are organised as

  • Individual training according to the model EU
  • Small group training for pre-constituted groups

This course type can be chosen as a follow-up to an intensive language course at our Institute and also as an independent training model.

In general, our weekend seminars start on a Friday afternoon or on a Saturday morning and end on a Saturday evening or in the course of the Sunday. They last – depending on the booking – between 12 and 20 units of 45 minutes each, corresponding to 9 to 15 full hours.

They contain generally 2 (minimum) to 8 weekends which can be distributed over a longer period of time.

We are glad to give you personal information and advice!