Weekend seminars "Foreign language training"

On request HSF offers weekend seminars for the training of foreign languages.

A Highly Intensive Training Model

Weekend seminars are offered as one-to-one trainings as well as group trainings.

The seminars generally start on Friday afternoons and end on Saturday evenings or during the Sunday. They comprise - according to booking - a time frame of 12 to 15 full hours and are generally booked for several weekends - spread over a longer period of time.

The compact form of this training model and the relaxed work atmosphere far from professional and private responsibilities give the weekend training outstanding efficiency.

The wide time frame permits to work on new aims with high concentration and in context bound settings and to gain and practice new specific skills. The participants are offered ideal opportunities to stabilize existing abilities, consolidate new knowledge and to develop the necessary automatic linguistic reflexes - according to programme, aims and contents.

Foreign Language Communication Out of the Classroom

Weekend seminars are generally booked as language trainings with meals in the group. Accompanied by the trainers, lunch and dinner - e.g. in the neighborhood restaurant in the historic city center - offer an additional opportunity to practice foreign language communication in a relaxed atmosphere and in changing situations.

Combination with Other Training Models

Weekend seminars can be combined effectively with other training models to an integrated long term programme. They complement one to one training - intensive and extensive - and are an efficient preparation for or a sensible continuation of a language training abroad.

Customized Offers We are glad to advise you in detail and draw up your individual training model at customized conditions.