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In a global world economy foreign language training has long become an inevitable essential - for companies as well as for the individual. Mastering a foreign language is identical with higher qualification, extended flexibility and improved professional opportunities on an extremely fluctuating labor market.

Irrespective of this, the rule stands unchanged that the studying of a foreign language gives access to other cultures and widens the personal educational horizon - an emotionally and intellectually inestimable gain.

An Important Decision

The kinds of linguistic training requirement are manifold and constantly changing. Not every training offer on the language market is the suitable answer to the problem in question. Detailed and reliable information as well as solid know-how are required for an adequate and sensible decision.

Indispensable Prerequisites

Quality foreign language programmes are not restricted to the running of language courses and trainings. To lead successfully to the aim they require a framework of competent advice, precise and future-oriented planning and constant professional supervision.

Our Service Program

HSF offers its clients a service meeting these requirements. Its main features comprise:

  • Evaluation of existing knowledge and skills by means of language tests and interviews (linguistic assessments) for individuals and groups
  • Definition of aims of the language training according to the needs and requirements of the client/participant
  • Customized training programmes as well as the providing of suitable training materials
  • Trainings run at the Institute, on the client's/participant's premises or at partner language institutes abroad including information documents about these
  • Evaluation of foreign language progress and of the achieved results
  • Precise recommendations for further studies
  • Continued professional advice and supervision following a language training phase (follow-up program)
  • Information and advice regarding linguistic training abroad, especially regarding the choice of a suitable provider
  • Organizational and pedagogical assistance including evaluation tests and bookings for trainings abroad

Contact us and tell us your requirements! We are glad to inform and advise you in detail.

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