Foreign languages in one-to-one training

Course models

Foreign language training in one-to-one courses is offered in intensive and extensive course models.

Each of the two training models has its advantages and is suitable for specific needs, each can be combined with other training models to be part of an integrated language training.

The language training takes place at the Institute's facilities, on the client's premises and/or over long distances via telephone, fax and online.

One-to-One Training Intensive

One to one training intensive is offered in various intensities and volumes, according to individual requirements.

The time frame varies from 4 units (1 unit = 45 minutes) up to 8 or 10 units per day over a period from one week (minimum) to 4, 8 or more weeks. The course start can be arranged for any time during the entire year allowing for a booking deadline of 5 working days prior to course start.

The training model "One-to-One Intensive" enables the trainer to give his entire attention to the needs of the participant and to impart specific linguistic knowledge (like e.g. Business, Financial, Legal or Medical English ) and to practice special skills (like e.g. presentations, discussions, negotiations, writing skills for official use).

One-to-One Training Extensive

One-to-one training extensive is usually offered in sessions of 90 or 135 minutes with a total volume of two, three or more sessions per week (minimum booking 8 x 90 minutes) - during or outside the participant's working hours.

This course model is suitable for the steady extension of existing foreign language knowledge and skills over a medium or extended period of time - preparing the participant for new professional responsibilities or for a future stay in a foreign country. The time needed is limited and easy to incorporate into daily professional and private commitments.


The fees for one to one training are calculated on the following basis:

  • 1 Unit (45 minutes): € 42,00

HSF fees for language trainings are final rates as the institute is exempt from VAT

Special fees apply for courses of highly specialized language trainings for specific purposes as well as for management trainings "Intercultural Communication".

We are glad to advise you in detail and draw up an individual training model at customized conditions according to your needs.