Excursion to Mannheim

of the Mannheimer photographer Artur Pfau.

Artur Pfau - Photographer witness of Mannheim

In the exhibition "Artur Pfau (1909-2002) - Photographer and witness of Mannheim" 150 selected works of the Mannheim photographer Artur Pfau can be seen. Over several decades he  created stunning visual documents. His photographs show the "Quadratestadt" and its inhabitants before, during and after the Second World War. Visitors expect historical insights into urban life.

A piece of local Mannheim history

The recordings document The city of Mannheim before the war, in the war days and the extensive destruction of the city, the reconstruction and the daily lives of citizens from the 1930s to the 1950s.
Architecture and industrial photography
Architectural firms in Germany engaged Artur Pfau to photograph their buildings impressively. Pfaus works go beyond mere documentation and demonstrate an independent artistic imagery with often sharp contrasts.

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