Excursion to Ludwigshafen: Hack-Museum and city

labourers and this shapes the character of the city.
To improve its image and quality of life  Ludwigshafen offers high-quality art:  theater, symphonic orchestra and the Hack-museum.
We visited an exhibition entitled Sisters of the Revolution.
The avant-garde was female! – at least in pre- and post-revolutionary Russia. There, for the first time in the history of art, a large number of women artists confidently took their place in the public limelight alongside their male colleagues, with whom they shared equal rights and equal status. Their aim was not simply to draw attention to themselves; on the contrary, they now played a decisive role in defining the artistic and societal goals of their time.
In an exhibition entitled Sisters of the Revolution – Women Artists of the Russian Avant-Garde, the Wilhelm-Hack-Museum – in close cooperation with the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow – is now presenting more than one hundred artworks, stage decorations and handcrafted objects by Russian women avant-gardists dating from the period 1907–1934.
It was above all women artists – among them Goncharova, Popova and Stepanova – whose interdisciplinary work transcended the boundaries between art, handicrafts and industry. With their practical and theoretical activities in the areas of painting, theatre, dance, film, typography, fashion and interior design, they made a decisive contribution to the far-reaching success of the Russian avant-garde.
The exhibition is taking place within the framework of the German-Russian Culture Year 2012/13.
Of course there was also time to have a coffee with German cheese-cake and later some regional specialities.

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