Excursion to Frankfurt Stadel, MMK and Goethe House

sculptures. They invite to a journey through the different ages and make history, society and culture of the different eras alive.

The MMK Museum of Modern Art is one of the most important museums in Europe and its building is one of the most spectacular examples of postmodern museums.
The MMK Collection includes superb works of European and American art of the 60s to current positions of international contemporary art.
In the house Großer Hirschgraben 23 Johann Wolfgang Goethe was born  on 28 in August 1749, where he grew up with his parents, Johann Caspar and Catharina Elisabeth, and his sister Cornelia.
Today the Goethe House invites to a tour of Goethe's childhood home. In the exhibition in the 3rd Floor there is a little chronicle about the house and its occupants.
The Frankfurt Goethe Museum is the only art gallery, which is exclusively dedicated to Goethe's time.
Here are images of important artists of the German-speaking world from the late Baroque to the Sturm und Drang, the Classicism and Romanticism, to Biedermeier.
Of course there is also time for a cappuccino in the old town, Frankfurt specialties and shopping on the Zeil.
A sunny autumn day like today would be ideal.

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