Heidelberg Autumn Fair "Heidelberger Herbst"

Heidelberg this weekend

Heidelberg Autumn Fair "Heidelberger Herbst"

Traditionally held on the last Saturday of September, Heidelberg’s largest street festival will kick off at 11 a.m. A variety of live music gigs, arts and

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Excursion to Museum Staatsgalerie in Stuttgart

On coming Saturday we are going to travel to Stuttgart, the capital of the federal state of Baden-Wuerttemberg.  

Many of our students are highly interested in visting the Staatsgalerie.

Holding a rich stock of paintings and sculptures the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart is one of the most visited museums in Germany. The main focus of the collection is art of the 20th century.
About 800 works are

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Zwiebel - a fictional text

A small fictional text of a student  of intermediate level from the class this morning:


Heute habe ich das Zwiebelfest in Basel besucht. Die Schweizer sind ganz verrückt. Sie hatten sich als Zwiebeln verkleidet und tanzten um einen weißen Tisch (herum).  Was für ein Fest! Es war so komisch und so langweilig, dass ich eingeschlafen bin. Ich habe von Zwiebeln geträumt.

Hiking and History

On coming Saturday we are going to visit Hambacher Schloss.

Since May 1832, when the flag with the German national colours of black, red and gold first fluttered on the Kastanienberg near Neustadt, the Hambacher Schloss has come to stand for the cradle of German democracy. The new permanent exhibition entitled Hinauf, hinauf zum Schloss!  (Up and onwards to the castle!) presents a very vivid display of the events around the Hambacher Festival of 1832 with plenty of links to the present day.

From Neustadt to

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Excursion to Frankfurt

Next Saturday we are going to travel to Frankfurt.  Frankfurt in the world is known  as city of banks, it is headquarter of the European Central Bank. Frankfurt is the birthplace of

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Excursion to Stuttgart to Mercedes-Benz Museum

On coming Saturday we travel to Stuttgart, the capital of the federal state of Baden-Wuerttemberg. The highlight will be a visit to the Mercedes-Benz Museum.  http://www.automuseum-stuttgart.de/home.127.html Of course there will be time for sightseeing and shopping. Lets hope for great weather. A weather like today would be just right.

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