Special programme "Minerva" for students

Reduced Course Fees for Students of Universities and  Colleges

Under the name of "Minerva" HSF- Heidelberg School of German offers on application the following reduced fees:

Intensive Language Courses "German as a Foreign Language"

  • 4-week course, extensible, 5 lessons per day
  • Based on the Goethe-Institute system
  • classes take place on 10 different levels in homogenous groups (with of 6 participants on average, 9 maximum)
  • Courses are offered according to the official course calendars

Reduced course fee MINERVA for 4-week language course K4: € 620,00*

* incl. books and other materials (but without accommodation)

This reduced fee is also available for two or more 4-week-periods. As to the accommondation fees please refer to the relevant table.

Who has a right to the reduced course fee MINERVA?

Every student who is registered at an university, a college or a similar academic institution who is in the position to produce a relevant certificate or a photocopy of her/his student ID card.

Do you comply with these requirements?

If yes, please make your application for the reduced course fee now!