Language training abroad

Regarding efficiency, foreign language training abroad is unsurpassed for the studying of a foreign language and the purposeful refreshing, improvement and expansion of existing foreign language skills and knowledge.

An Important Decision

A sensible preparation and the choice of the suitable provider (language institute) is crucial for the success of a language training abroad. To be considered are specific competence, social and cultural environment and the adequate cost effectiveness.

The Right Choice

HSF informs, advises and supports its clients in organizational and all other questions regarding language training abroad.

This services comprises on the one hand the advice concerning the choice of a suitable language institute and of a suitable course model, on the other hand - if desired - the completion of all organizational steps connected with the booking of such a course.

Furthermore, we also offer specific linguistic preparation in Germany for a stay abroad. As a rule, a participant having some or even a lot of preliminary linguistic knowledge will profit on a correspondingly larger scale from a language stay abroad.

An International Network of First Class Providers

Being specialists in the field of foreign language training we dispose of the necessary sources and contacts to be able to pronounce recommendations for your ideal choice.

The Institute permanently works with a selected circle of first class language institutes all over Europe and overseas. We are capable of naming the suitable training partners, their course programs and conditions for any training need and of providing extensive information material at any time.

Advice and Booking

If desired you can register for a foreign language training abroad at HSF without additional costs. We accept your booking, forward it to the respective institute and take care of all steps to be taken.

Tell us your requirements and your plans! We gladly inform and advise you in detail.