Four-week intensive course "German"

Course details

Type of course: 4-week intensive course (18 days of tuition, one full-day excursion) extensible to up to 40 weeks
Number of lessons: Five 45-minute lessons per day (25 lessons per week, 90 lessons in total)
Number of students: Small group: 6 maximum, 4 minimum, 5 on average
Levels available: All 10 levels all year round, except Elementary G1 (available only in January, April, July, August and October)
Intensiv Sprachkurs

Levels and certificates

The Standard Course K4 is organised as periods of 4 weeks, extensible to up to 40 weeks. The course programme includes all ten levels (Elementary to Advanced: Basic Level 1-4, intermediate Level 1-4, Advanced Level 1+2) following the system as applied by Goethe-Institute, and the "European Framework of Reference for Languages".


The courses prepare the HSF certificates corresponding to those issued by the Goethe-Institute (Start Deutsch-1, Start Deutsch-2, Zertifikat Deutsch, Zentrale Mittelstufen-Prüfung, Zentrale Oberstufen-Prüfung) as well as the DSH-Entry Examination of German Proficiency required by German universities and the TestDaf examinations.

Considering the 10 different levels, the course programme covers an introduction to the German language for complete beginners or those with limited skills, an intensive communicative brush-up and expansion of existing skills, a requirement-orientated language training for students and students-to-be, and an effective training in General German for young professionals.

Course combinations

The course K4 can be extended up to 40 weeks by adding up the corresponding number of 4-week periods to cover the entire course system. It can be combined with a 2-week course (K4 + K2A or K2B + K4) to result in a 6-week period or with a 3-week course (K4 + K3A / K3B) to form a 7-week period.

As a brush-up it can precede a Course for Special Purposes (DB, KEC or KTH). The course K4 can be combined with Individual Tuition EU at a volume of 2 to 5 sessions of 90 minutes per week and more.

Information for

Students enrolled in universities/colleges:

Reduced course fees are available for you within the frame work of the programme Minerva.

Candidates for the DSH examination

Twice a year a special DSH preparatory course is organized for you which can be booked independently or as an extension of the Courses K4.

Candidates from Sweden:

Course type K4 is accredited by Högskoleverket Stockholm for CSN scholarships.

Course dates 2024

Four-week intensive course "German"

  Day of arrival First day of tuition Last day of tuition Day of departure Code
January 06.01.13 07.01.13 31.01.13 01.02.13 K4 1301
February 03.02.13 04.02.13 28.02.13 01.03.13 K4 1302
March 03.03.13 04.03.13 28.03.13 29.03.13 K4 1303
April 01.04.13 02.04.13 25.04.13 26.04.13 K4 1304
  01.04.13 02.04.13 03.05.13 04.05.13 K4+ 1304
May 05.05.13 06.05.13 01.06.13 02.06.13 K4 1305
June 02.06.13 03.06.13 27.06.13 28.06.13 K4 1306
July 30.06.13 01.07.13 25.07.13 26.07.13 K4 1307
August 28.07.13 29.07.13 22.08.13 23.08.13 K4 1308
  28.07.13 29.08.13 29.08.13 30.08.13 K4+ 1308
September 01.09.13 02.09.13 26.09.13 27.09.13 K4 1309
October 29.09.13 30.09.13 24.10.13 25.10.13 K4 1310
  29.09.13 30.09.13 31.10.13 01.11.13 K4+ 1310
November 03.11.13 04.11.13 28.11.13 29.11.13 K4 1311
December 01.12.13 02.12.13 21.12.13 22.12.13 K4 1312