Individual Tuition for General and Special Purposes

Course details

Type of course: Intensive individual tuition (one-to-one)
Number of lessons: 4, 6 or 8 lessons/day; 8 lessons min./day for a one-week booking, 6 lessons min./day for a 2-week booking
Levels available: All levels; option to train German for special purposes
Course dates: Free choice of dates and duration, courses starting normally on a monday


Individual tuition (one-to-one) is available with various degrees of intensity from four 45-minute lessons per day up to 8 lessons. With a starting date possible at any moment of the year and a duration varying from one week (minimum) up to 4, 8 or 12 weeks or more, the Course type EU is both the most flexible and one of the most effective courses on offer.

This type of language training is generally chosen by international companies for executive and managerial personnel as well as by private participants who want to improve their skills in the German language notably in specific fields within a short time.

Tuition normally takes place from Monday to Friday, but it is also possible to organise a
6-day week including Saturday. If desired, the participant will be accompanied by HSF teachers to lunch and/or dinner and cultural events in the evening at an extra charge.

Individual training is also offered as extensive training parallel to and complementary to different course types. The minimum booking is 2 weekly sessions of 90 minutes with at least 8 sessions.Recommend by E-Mail