Foreign language training in groups

Group training is generally offered for groups formed by the client, but also on principle for any pre-arranged group like e.g. colleagues registering together, or family members of executives preparing a stay abroad together.

For the running of a group training, the participants have to be on the same or approximately the same level in the chosen foreign language and they must require identical skills to be taught.

Small Group Training

Training in small groups with 2 to 4 participants has proved to be very efficient. It is offered in inten- sive and extensive course models.

Small Group Training Intensive

This training model has a daily working volume of 4, 6 or 8 units (1 unit = 45 minutes) with a duration of one, two or more weeks - according to requirements.

It permits a fast and specific improvement of foreign language skills and knowledge.

Small Group Training Extensive

The extensive course model is generally structured in sessions of 90 or 135 minutes extended over a medium (minimum 4 weeks at 2 sessions per week) to longer period of time.

It permits participants to improve and stabilize their foreign language knowledge and skills with forethought and is easy to incorporate into the schedule of professional and private commitments.

Foreign language training in groups takes place at the Institute or on the client's premises.

Detailed Advice and Customized Offers

Each need of language training requires precise evaluation and detailed advice, each situation demands a specific answer. Numerous training models are possible, but not every model is sensible, efficient and cost effective.

We are glad to advise you in detail and draw up your individual training model at tailor made conditions.