Follow-up-service "German" for HSF Clients

Experts and executives who have participated in a language training at HSF are advised and accompanied in a customised linguistic follow-up programme.

This service gives former language course participants the opportunity to improve the acquired level of German language skills and to extend them with regard to their professional needs.

Individual advice and specialist long term consultation

If desired, the client will be advised beyond the end of his course period, also on a long term basis, as regards linguistic and specific issues. This enables him

  • to balance out remaining language deficits or problems with suitable materials (general and specific vocabulary, grammatical structures, stylistic problems, etc.)
  • to apply the acquired skills in his professional field, assisted by his trainer (comprehension and production of textual documents, preparation of presentations, etc.)
  • to deal independently with new subjects.

Trainer and participant keep in touch by mail, by fax, by telephone or online.

We are glad to give you personal information and advice!