Application for a language course

How to apply for a course and remit your deposit:

  1. Please fill in the application form and send it by e-mail to HSF
  2. Please remit your deposit which amounts to
    1. at least € 300,00 for courses of the types K4, K3A/K3B, K2A/K2B, DB, KEC, KTH
    2. for all other types of language course (SI, EU, and all special courses) 30% of the total fees (fees for the language course and – depending on your booking – fees for accommodation and board)

Note: A language course covers the totality of the course periods booked.

After receipt of the deposit or the total fees your registration will be considered valid and the Terms of Participation be considered recognised.

The institute will confirm your enrolment in the following way:

On receipt of both your application and your deposit, the Institute will send the confirmation of your registration by return of post or fax, or by e-mail in exceptional cases, which will make the language course contract binding for both parties. The letter of confirmation will also include a breakdown of the total fees, the deadline for payment of the remaining fees as well as important information concerning your arrival in Heidelberg at the beginning of the course.

Note: International bank transfers take up to two weeks. Thus, should you choose this method of payment, you will receive confirmation of your registration two weeks later at the earliest.

Bank account information

Name: HSF
Account number: 100177617
Bank code number: 6729000
Bank: Heidelberger Volksbank
International Bank Account Number (IBAN): DE92672900000100177617
International Bank Identification Code (BIC): GENODE61HD1