DSH-Preparation: 3-Week Preparatory Course

HSF-preparation for the DSH examination

For numerous years the HSF-Heidelberger Sprachinstitut has successfully prepared foreign students for the DSH (formerly: PNDS) language examination of the German universities.

The HSF preparatory courses take place three or four weeks before the usual examination dates fixed by the universities. The courses are sponsored by the School through reduced fees.

For being admitted to the course the students must have a sufficient command of the German language to be proved by a specific assessment test organized by the School.

If necessary, candidates can acquire the minimum proficiency required by attending the HSF standard courses of type K4. With the admission to university studies or the official invitation to the DSH examination they have a right to the reduced course fee MINERVA.

Course volume

  • 75 units of tuition (5 units of 45 minutes per day)
  • for a minimum of 6 participants
  • Course schedule monday through friday; afternoon tuition

Course contents

  • Reading comprehension
  • Composition
  • Listening Comprehension
  • Grammar

Prerequisites for Admission

  1. A German proficiency corresponding to a 6-month intensive course of German as a foreign language (=Intermediate Level I/Mittelstufe I of the Goethe or the HSF Institute) or a comparable German tuition to be proved by an assessment test
  2. Admission to university study in Germany or invitation to the DSH examination

For the DSH examinations taking place in spring and fall the following preparatory courses will be organized:

DSH-preparation: 3-week preparatory course

DSH 1 (March ): 04.03. - 22.03.2013*

DSH 2 (September ): 01.09. - 20.09.2013

Closing dates of enrolment

DSH 1 (March ): 15.02.2013 with HSF accommodation
22.02.2013 without accommodation
DSH 2 (September ): 16.08.2013 with HSF accommodation
23.08.2013 without accommodation


Please send an email or visit our office! We will be pleased to inform you and give you detailed advice.

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