Double Linguistic Brush-up / Training of two Languages

Intensive training of German plus reactivation of a second language

For experts and executives who want to reactivate, practice and extend skills in another language along with their intensive training in the German language, HSF offers the course model "Double linguistic brush-up". It is on offer as individual training or – for pre-constituted groups – as small group course SI30.

Most commonly, the languages combined with German are English, French, Italian and Spanish. The trainers for these second language courses are native speakers or qualified by a native speaker certificate.

Be at home in two foreign languages

The two languages model enables the participant to communicate in two languages at the same or at a comparable level at the end of the training instead of actively mastering one language while the other is sliding into a limited or only passive competence. This model is also feasible for the training of specific subjects.

Prerequisites for this combination are good basic skills in German (corresponding to a minimum of 400 lessons of intensive German) and a good command of the second language on a comparable level.

Appropriate priorities

In general, the German training has a priority in this scheme with a volume of at least
4 lessons of 45 minutes per day – combined e.g. with daily sessions of 90 minutes in the second language. Various combinations are possible, depending on prior knowledge and aims.

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